Don’t be a Robot





Something happened, something big. Over thousands of years we became the humans we are today. Homo sapiens: to our currentknowledge,  the most intelligent species on this planet. But are we the most intelligent species, period? We are standing at the brinkof a massive paradigm shift. A shift, so fundamental, so far-reaching and transformative that we cannot even begin to understand what is going to happen to us and to our intelligence.

We are facing the most transformative change in about 10,000  years. Industrialization and globalization, the connectedness of minds and machines in the  worldwide web, and the use of data as a new currency are mere precursors of what is going to happen next. We willno longer be the only species using reason, experience and  intelligence to make sense of our world. Maybe we should rethink calling it our world anyway.


Reading Excerpt (Leseprobe): ROBOT

Christoph Burkhardt
Don’t be a Robot
Seven Survival Strategies in the Age of Artificial Intelligence

224 Seiten, Paperback, englisch,  Euro 20.– / CHF 25.–
ISBN 978-3-03876-511-0 (Midas Management)


About the Author:
Christoph Burkhardt helps organizations around the globe to accelerate their innovation-driven growth by applying a bigger picture approach to strategy, leadership and cultures of innovation.


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